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I Slept With My Boyfriend's Dad (Episode 1)

This isn’t Something am proud of, I just felt I might find relief if I Share my Story; To people who don’t know me personally of Course!

Ade and I had been dating for about 3 months, he was in 300 level studying Chemical Engineering, while I was in 200 Level studying Mass communication.

On a Certain day he came by.
“Hello Beautiful” he said as he Leaned on the door,
that was Ade, with his Seductive Voice,
Hi Dear, You just showed up without Informing me, you’ve never done that before, what’s wrong?

“I wanna take you some where” he said as he walked in.
to where? I asked, Puzzled.

“Its a Surprise, besides you’re gonna love it.”
I Quickly took my bath in Anticipation of a date.
Minutes later we were in his car, I trusted Ade, so I just Followed like a Lamb.

After about 2 hours of Driving, we arrived at this, huge Mansion!
“I welcome you to my Home, you’re gonna Meet my parents” he said
I was happy, Cause only a Man who sees a future with you will want to introduce you to his parents.

I Saw this Very beautiful woman, too young to be Ade’s Mum.
“Hi Mum”, he said, as he hugged her, this is Elizabeth, the lady ave been telling you about

She smiled and Said ” My dear you’re welcome, have a seat!”
I sat down.

A man was Walking down the stairs, I guessed it was his dad, so I stood up to Greet him.
Dad, this is my Girlfriend, Elizabeth.

His Dad extended a Handshake, Rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand and winked.

I had no idea what that meant.

She looks like your Mum, he said, talking to Ade.
That when I realised, the woman I met earlier was his Step mum, and his Biological Mum had probably passed away.

Come over to the Dining table, for Dinner, his Step mum, said, to me.

Ade was an Only Child, we all sat at the Table for Dinner

“So you guys are in the same School?”
his dad Asked.
Yes! Replied Ade with a big grin.

“That’s Good, So what Course are you Studying My dear?”he asked, this time facing me.
” Mass Communication Sir”
He Smiled, like he was Impressed.

I like that, He said, and continued eating.
soon we were done eating, Ade’s Step Mum took all the dishes and Left for the Kitchen.
“Ade, can you please get my Phone from my room?”

Sure! Ade replied and Left.

Soon as Ade was off View, his Dad, Quickly Came unto me, dropped his Complimentary card, in my bag and went back to his seat.
” Call me” he Whispered.
The only Answer I could Voice out, was “Okay”

Ade and I later left, he dropped me at my hostel, we ki$$ed and he left.

The following day, I decided to Give his dad a call and find out what it was he wanted to tell me.
“Hello, Good evening Sir” I Greeted with utmost respect.
“Elizabeth Right?”
“Yes sir, I responded”

Can you come over to my office, tomorrow.
I paused for a while and said
“That won’t be a Problem”



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