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I Slept With My Boyfriend's Dad (Episode 2)

The Address to his office was already on the Complimentary card.

The following day being Friday, I traced it.

I met a Gateman, I gave him the card, he gave me directions to the Specific Office.

I met his Secretary,Gave her the card too, she asked if I had an Appointment and I responded.

She called him on phone, informed him of my presence. he must have asked her to let me in. the Secretary gave me a Gesture to go in.

Looked like he was already Smiling in Anticipation before I even came in.

Good Evening Sir!

Evening Dear! He responded

Offered me a sit.

“you might be wondering why I summoned you here he said”, with the smile still Painted on his face.

He came over to where I was and sat on the table.

Yes! I said.

Elizabeth, I find you very attractive, and you remind me so much of my late wife.

I just can’t resist you.

he squatted down a little and was about to ki$$ me, I turned my face away and Stood Up immediately!

“Sir with all due respect am your Son’s Girlfriend for Christ’s Sake”

“Yes I know my dear, am not asking for much, just One night with me, just one night”

“if its money you need am willing to pay Five hundred thousand Naira to be in your Arms!”

“Ave done a Background check on you Elizabeth, he said.

your dad died when you were 6. and your Mother, being a Trader, single handedly Sponsored you to this Level,Give me a chance to ease her stress” he said

I don’t know how he found out, or how he got the information. but he was 100% right!

To be honest all I had left was One thousand Five hundred Naira, and the semester was just a month old, and the moment I always dreaded was calling my mother and asking for money.”

I always knew Ade was from a Rich family, but I was just not those type of girls who would Stoop so low to beg their Boyfriends for money.

“Five hundred thousand naira he repeated, after he noticed his words were sinking in”

“That moment, when you see the temptation coming, you know the right to do, but the will to do it is missing”

I knew this was the test of my Love for Ade.

I just Burst into tears, it was just too much for me to handle.

he came over to where I was, it will be over, before you know it. he said as he pat my back.

There was a door leading to a Rest room in his office, he led me in.

Took off my dress, I neither reciprocated nor said a word,in a minute I was left with just my b.ra and p.ant.

he Undid my bra, and I could see pure lust in his eyes.

I was laying on the Cushion, he placed his lips on my N!pple, I let out a Silent moan,

minutes later he went to my V*gina, and licked it, it felt so good.

he was aged and must have had so much experience, the pleasure kinda loosened me.

I Instinctively Caressed his hair, he later brought out his d!ck, it was so huge, like nothing ave seen before. he slid a c*ndom on it

“Is all that going to go into me?”I thought

He Slowly Slid it in, I let out a loud moan,

he started moving slowly, and was Kissing my n!pples at the same time.

Initially I thought he would be a 1-3 minute man, but he kept on going Nonstop.

I wriggled and wriggled in ecstasy, I later used my hand to support his a$$ pushing it in and out.

he later turned me over, in a d*ggy kind of way, and penetrated from behind, his hands on my butt as his pace increased this time around.

we had spent about 20 minutes. Finally he made loud moans as he Climaxed.

immediately we were done, all the regrets, the remorse just came up on me, I was so disappointed in myself.

I burst into tears ! ran into the bathroom and washed myself, I came out, picked up my clothes and dressed as he watched.

“drop your account number” he said.

“you know, we can also do this some other time.” he added.

“Am sorry sir, but there won’t be a Next time” I replied, he laughed!

i Scribbled the Account number on his complimentary card and dashed out.

Immediately i reached home, I came off the bike, I heard my phone beep, so I checked and saw and Alert of five hundred thousand deposited in my account.

I knew I couldn’t Stand Ade, a lot happened after that encounter.

I later had to break up with Ade, he kept asking me what he did wrong.

unknown to him, It was me! Guilt wouldn’t let me be with him.

There was a lot I could have blamed it on, like the fact that my family is poor, or the fact that my dad left me at a tender age. But No! the Blame is mine. I Should have chosen the Love Ade and I Shared Over Money.

That’s my Story, I get to Live with the Regret, All the days of my Life.


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