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My Brother Saw Me Unclothed In The Bathroom, I Feel So Shy And Embarrassed

"I really don't know what to do right now. I feel very shy. I haven't left my room since morning. The bathroom or toilet door of my house has been bad for over two weeks.

Ok so I was bathing this morning, am about 22 and my elder brother who is about 25 was pressed to use the toilet, he didn't even knock to find out if someone was in, he just opened the whole door and I mean I was standing practically wholly and fully Unclad in the bath and he saw everything to the full I am so sure of that.

There wasn't even any point for me to try stretching for a towel to coverup cus he had seen already. He apologized but I felt so weird, angry, shy same time. Since morning I haven't left my room. I feel so shy to even probably bump into him in the house and maybe he would be also embarrassed.

Is it normal for me to feel weird or there is nothing really bad about the whole encounter?

My 2cent
Dad should fix your bathroom door, and since yous share the same bathroom, there should be something like knocking.

It has happened already, you just gotta stop being shy and get over it, he's your Bro for God's sake. Go out and forget that it ever happened  smiley

This is one time when you gotta see it for what it is -DUST!  wait sef, wetin you go do if you wanna give birth and a male doctor is poking hand into your vajay'jay, did I mention that your legs would be spread wide apart?


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