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My Daddy's New Wife (EPISODE 2)

That day uncle Tony gave me an unusual extra amount of money before leaving, even Aunty cleaned the caprisone that spilled on the sofa without spanking me , I didn't have to turn off the gas cooker nub that day since it was traditional for her to shower with warm water after uncle's departure any day he comes around.

All these treatments were on the condition that I wouldn't mention a thing I had seen earlier to mum.

"Junior, who poured water on this chair " mum asked . She had returned from work . She always came back early before dad .
I paused my Nintendo game, unmounted from the dining chair and began to walk quietly towards the living room.

I needed to gist mum how Aunty Deola almost got killed , how my heroic presence halted the execution, and how I was shot with a milk wave.

Aunty who had been in her room suddenly swung her door open. "KC was the one who pee on the chair while sleeping , so I cleaned it up" Aunty lied .
Aunty gave me a stern look which sent me quietly walking back to the dining.

I had no choice than to comply, after all , mum won't be home to rescue me.

A week later I was sitting beside dad who was watching the 9pm news when I heard mum and Aunty Deola yelling at each other in the room. I didn't understand what the problem was, but I could hear them say "CD" and "trash can " and mum always calling out "Deolaaaaa" then at times she chipped in "junior".

I gently moved towards the TV ,counted my Cartoon CD plates. I was satisfied by the number of disc plates I found and returned to my sit. Dad dished out his usual gentle smile and I never knew why.

Aunty moved out days later only to visit once a while .

Though I was Seven at the time, but the memories remained fresh



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