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My Daddy's New Wife (EPISODE 3)

Nothing spectacular happened for almost a decade except that Sarah had disvirgined me at fifteen. She was nineteen.
I don't know how we got kissing passionately right on her aunts sofa. She was home alone and I decided to pay her a visit for the first time.

My d!ck was hard as wood,of course , I could feel the warmth pressing hard on my thigh, perhaps, the Jean was more helpful than the my soaking underpants who was willing to let it escape.

"Let's have sex please" she begged.

She was aware I was virgin but her body language proved she would do anything for it. I was nervous and in fact, the closest I had ever being to a sexual activity was through pornography.

All the while we kissed, I only held her face, touched her palm and a little caressing of literarily her gown .
I declined the sex pleas.

. "I'm not ready" I pleaded . She flashed me her boobs for some seconds and pleaded to at least have a feeling what my dick looks like .
I decided to let her feel the rod with her palm but only through my jean . My heart almost jumped out my mouth. It was hard to decipher if I was scared or embarrassed .

She absorbed the feel of me and
She pleaded for sex like her life depended on it .
"I'm going home" I said jumping out of my seat.

I walked home feeling like the new bad guy in town even when I had literally done nothing. Almost nothing!

I reminisced all day. Should I have done it or not? I could hardly sleep at night, my hard dick wouldn't let me. There was Acute surge of desire.
The thoughts were overwhelming .

Suddenly, I texted her "come to my house tomorrow by 10a.m".

We had only kissed for a minute when I confidently grabbed her boobs. Her breath changed, and the kissing got intense. "Do you have a condom"she asked.
I knew what a condom was but I never thought I would also be needing one.

I dashed to the closest pharmacy not minding my sagged trousers and was back in minutes.
I led her to my room where We swiftly dealt with our clothes .

She is light skinned with a shaved cvnt . Her boobs were not big especially for her age except that she had a long strong nipple that was easy to suck on.
Being curious, I needed to explore the moves I watched in the movies.

I grasped and eased her knees apart and buried my face in her cunt. I had a little taste of clitoris but was too late to withdraw. Admittedly, she was clean and Each deep suck sent a shock wave running through her body .

"Is it smelling ? Please suck it well" she complained in ecstasy.
Of course, it wasn't having odour but it wasn't tasting like honey as well.

I wasted the first condom not knowing how to roll it on . She helped with the second and I was ready to practice what I had watched in porn movies.

I entered her slowly. Her opening mouth became a unit of measurement for every inch of the flesh bone that went into her. My full length was in and I began thrusting, first at a slow pace.

She dictated each sex positions and when to switch.
Her bare light soft ass bounced off my waist at every thrust. She didn't seem like someone who was ready to give up and I wasn't willing to continue,perhaps, I offloaded my second bout of cum in the doggy position. Thanks to the latex.

My sense had suddenly returned to its proper state and I had begun to get dressed. The ecstasy had vanished. My curiosity was satisfied.
The experience was interesting but I've gone weary of it.

The respect I had for Sarah had suddenly dropped that I only saw her off to the gate.
The condoms were displaced including the unused one. I didn't think I would ever be needing it again.

The crave for sex dropped only to reappear according to time .

**Route to tragedy**

Lizzy had paid me one of her usual visits and were engaged in one of our usual discussions.

She was my childhood friend who we only weren't privileged to attend the same university. She had grown into a beautiful lady with a sizeable and averagely full round boobs.

Lizzy was more or less like a sister to me and mum never had issue with her frequent visits especially when we were on breaks.
I guess mum felt guilty for not giving me a sister but only a brother who gets physical with me each time he returns from school .

Despite Lizzy's sexiness, I never had a wild thought about her and in fact, she talked about her boyfriend who was only a year ahead of her in the same school and same department.

Her fondness of him never sparked even the minutest jealousy in me even though I had no girlfriend , except that I smashing Tinuke and Angelo when I needed to.

We were engrossed in a discussion I might term meaningless when she noticed my newly sprouting beards.

"Wow, you are beginning to grow beards , J " she said

"And your boobs have grown larger" I replied .

" Jay " as she mostly called "those girls in your school are teaching you bad stuffs right? " she said while we both laughed. She had picked up a throw-pillow and had began to hit me while I defended myself .

Suddenly, our lips were locked in each other . It took a lot of inner strength to have a momentary pause, maybe to catch our breath or to have a rethink of what we are doing.

It took just about a nano second to process the scenario and I had successfully drawn a conclusion that Lizzy wasn't a blood relative and in fact, instinct would take the blames .

The atmosphere went cold except for the smacks that pierced the ambient .


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