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My Daddy's New Wife

"Urgh urgghhhm ungh! Yeaagh!! Ooo!! Urrrggggh!!.
It was inconsistent at first, with a few bursts of muffled excitement, then calmness returned. I unpaused my cartoon, in fact, it was an activity I hated getting distracted from.

With my right hand in my pant and sipping my caprisone occasionally, I had joined in reciting the famous "Scooby Do Be Do" when the raptus sound from Aunty Deola's room began again, this time consistently.
Mmm! Ooooh!
Uh, Uh, Aughhhhh, uhm uhm
Yes, yes... uh ungh ungh uh uh uh AUGH.....
Whooo!! Aaaah!!! urgghhhm ungh! Yeaagh!! .

My focus veering off the TV, I tilted my head towards the source of the voice. It was unmistakably Aunty Deola's voice, perhaps, uncle Tony is hurting her. I dashed towards her room throwing my juice on the couch only to find the door locked. "Urshhh urshhhh shhhh" were the only sound Uncle Tony was making. "Yes, he must be ordering her to keep quiet so he could strangle her without raising an alarm. I knew yelling won't help. What if he comes out and kill me too ?" I thought to myself , but at least I should witness what was happening so I could narrate the incident to mum when she returns.

I headed for the main entrance with an aim to peep through Aunty Deola's window from the outside. Luckily, I found a bucket dad had used in washing his car that morning. It would help increase my height so I could see through the window. The closer I got to the window, the louder the ecstatic voices, in fact, Aunty will be dead soon. Yes, she said so !

I quietly placed the bucket by the window and mounted it . This time, the voices were next to me .
Just as I peeped, Aunty Deola's massive boobs greeted me. They forcefully dangled to and fro. Aunty held on to the burglar proof firmly ,her Eyes slid shut in ecstasy and her mouth speaking gibberish. Her face though opposite mine yet couldn't see me.

I needed to be sure of what was trying to pull Aunty off the window burglar proof she was holding on to when I found an equally unclothed uncle Tony hitting her buttocks with his waist.
He must be hurting her real bad with his waist "I thought .

"Yea ! Yeas !! Yess ! Give it to me baby !" Aunty Deola whimpered .
Of course I was the only baby around and then I noticed I held the tv remote control . I would never forget to pause my cartoon even if the heavens were falling.

"The remote?" I said .

"Junioooor" Aunty yelled "kilonshe ni bi" .

A rather confused Uncle Tony dabbed a milky substance towards my face . The window pane helped hold it , but I found myself on the ground nursing a wound on my thigh.



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