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My Embarrassing Romance With A Guy I Met In Camp - Lady Recounts

This young lady was left unsatisfied after a fling with a man she has been in touch with for a while.

Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a corper who slept with her colleague and was embarrased. 
According to her, the guy had a small manhood and he struggled to satisfy her. She is presently seeking for p*nis enlargment drugs to assist the young man.
The story has since attracted hilarity on social media.
Read her account below:
 I met this guy in camp, we vibed so well, I am currently not in a relationship so I was like let me give it a try. We started talking everyday, he came around my house and that was where we had our first kiss and you know there is this thing we girls do, we try to size the d!ck in our head, and I was like he carry sha.
I just wanted to smash or do something outside the box.
We started talking abou creating a fantasy, sex, ice-cream pu**ysucking, youghurts on the breast, red wine to feel tipsy lollypop all kind of thngs.
All for me to get there and then we started kissing and smooshing, I first touched the d!ck, "I was like where is the thing" and then I searched again, I didnt see it still. I rushed and pulled down the trouser only for me to see...


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