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My Father Always Make Love To Me In My Dreams Every Saturday Night - Lady Says

Today, my very best female friend we do keep secret with told a shocking stuff I couldn't condole since afternoon so i decided to share her story with you
She said;

I noticed that i was having sex, real one with all the bouncing in and out.It was when my I woke up I asked myself what is happening that i m bleeping in the dream.That was when I now realized that it was in dream, i thought it was real( in physical).

I can’t live with it anymore, since my boyfriend came to ask for my hand in marriage, though he was rejected by my father especially with the reason of him not too good for me, after that faithful month, I  now have wet dreams every saturday night and it happens to be my fathers face that i am seeing making love to me.
I don’t know if its demon using his face to make love to me or he just wants to destroy my life and leave me single for life, he has turned down many suitors who are well doing in life including my boyfriend who’s a business man.

Why am i seeing his face in my dreams making love to me? or am i just possessed of a spiritual husband? Which decision should I take, meet a pastor for prayers or confront my father first?
Is this normal?..after she left,I also asked mysef the same question

Please have anybody noticed this kind thing before,and what can be the cause and the solution as i dont like such.

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