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My Sexcapades During My University Days (Episode 1)

I don't do this much but I want a give it a trial. Follow the thread and I will put you up to speed about my sexcapades during my university days.

So the normal registration after you ve been admitted into the university was the order of the day on the very first day. So being new to the environment I had no friends around and most of my friends are in the East part of the country cause that was where I did my high school.

Then after walking under the sun for hours, I decided to take refuge under one of the canopies in the park. Damn it has been a stressful and appalling day was what came out of my mouth as I sat down. I was so tired I ignored everybody in the canopy. Then the next thing I heard was at least greet the owner of the canopy. With a blood shot eyes I turned to the direction the voice was coming from ready to pour my garbage (anger) on the person.

Only to turn and see that it was a stellar looking chick that was directly adjacent to me that made the statement. I quickly lambasted her even though am the shy type but omo that day man dey para.
After flaring up, all eyes were on me and I later realized I was the one intimidated and embarrassed in return though I knew what she said was the right thing buy the scorching sun had melted away my initiative. I stood up with my eyes buried on the ground as I trudged along the sandy and dirty Park.
I was walking aimlessly not knowing where next to go I decided to go home and round up tomorrow. No be by force to finish today was the constant thing leaving my mouth as I kept my frowned face on the beautiful Senate building which is located directly opposite to the park.

Fast forward to the next day, which my aim was to actualize the uncompleted task of yesterday. After several hours of waiting for my HOD I decided to grab some snacks in a. Nearby kiosk I saw earlier. On getting there, I bought the normal bricklayer fud, coke and bread. So I decided to go sit on the bench under the tree opposite the kiosk. Not upto three minutes, I noticed a figure standing in front of the kiosk ordering for snacks, I raised my head to look at the person, Lol and behold it was that girl from the canopy (park). With my opened mouth I was drooling at this wonderful shape in front of me. She looked at me disgustingly, shrugged her shoulder and dashed off.

I was just mumbling saying I Don Bleep up, why I go insult this kine babe with this shape. I started blaming the registration that made me exhausted yesterday. My intention was to follow her but approaching a bbe on the road is distasteful to me. So I said there's gon b a next time. After devouring my bricklayer food, I head out to my dept hoping our HOD must have been less busy now. After that it was a smooth day all through.



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