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My Sexcapades During My University Days (Episode 2)

Two months after registration, I was already acclimatized to everything and that fresher instinct has already thawed out. After the 10 o ' clock, I decided to go see a friend of mine (Ruth) in her dept. On getting to her dept I called to notify her that I was inside one of their labs waiting for her. She said she's gon be there in 5. Ruth and I are very close friends that we tell each other virtually everything and do like lovers just that it was a platonic relationship.

Then I was fiddling with my fone cause I get bored quick while waiting. Not too long, I noticed a bbe in front sitting alone then I decided to just pass time with her, as I walking to her I was just saying Ruth go hear am today. Though it took me all the courage of my forefathers to walk up to the girl. On getting to her side I said can I sit down, still focusing on what she was doing she said 'well, the chair is empty'. I said omo Deanny u Don fck up see as u de girl dey ansa u. I said well Na Ruth go receive all the anger today.

By this time three quarter of my courage have left my body already but I said it was too late to turn back. Hi am Deanny, her response was Hey. In my mind I said correct I Don jam today. After exchanging all the pleasantries I could think of though she Neva bother to look my side I decided tz high time I brought up somn intriguing. Nothing came still, then out of nowhere I just started snake, the way she flew up she could beat the man with the highest high jump record. I started laughing so hard that it was a thunderous slap on my shoulder that brought me back to life. Angrily, she said what's your problem? It was the girl from the canopy. I just said Ah! Deanny wetn this girl do you now.

That was when I realized I just poked the bear. After been dumbfounded for abt 2min I decided to calm her down. I told her I did so she would give me her attention. Her response was well hope uve seen it and your happy. I obliged her to sit down and she should not be vexed. After about 3 minutes the dust settled. First impression really matters. My first encounter with her didn't turn out well so it aggravated the issue more. I hate saying sorry but I had to swallow my ego this time around cos have offended her a lot.
Then I told her can we talk her response shook me.

After settling down then I asked her if we could talk and what she said next baffled me. She said I must bring the snake I saw and I must eat it in her presence otherwise NO. Una sabi how girls they talk their no. I couldn't help it so I laughed. It was after I finished laughing I realized she was wearing a frowned face truawt my annoying laughter. I just said in my mind Deanny this girl go rubbish u shey Na wetn u want. After getting myself I decided to bone up and be serious when she laughed and said your a naughty boy. There's no sweeter phrase than been called naughty boy by a girl(my. Opinion). That was when I knew yes Deanny u don friend this baby. She said with her hand stretched out am Maryjane.

Wow that's a nice name for a pretty girl. She blushed and said call me a pretty girl again and I will call that your invincible snake on you. We both laughed. The butterflies in my tummy were already dabbing (tho dabbing neva comes that time but them Don dey dab) when I heard the voice of Ruth screaming Deanny. Only if I had gun I would have shot her for coming at the wrong time. Ruth was still screaming my name saying come jor, you gigolo. Well I told MJ (MaryJane) that I had to go bfr my little witchy friend kills me. We shook hands again and I departed. I wouldn't get it perfectly if I explicate the way I lambasted Ruth for spoiling show.

Anyways, Ruth cared less and dragged me as I trudged along. Trust me 'I don't care' is so typical of Ruth. Tz one of her traits I guess. Throughout that day I was thinking of MJ and at the same time thinking of when I was gon collect her digits all tanks to Ruth that hindered the convo. Albeit what I achieved was little I was happy I poured water on troubled oil. Nothing eventful happened truawt the day unless from the headache I developed from the pot Ruth walloped on my head.

The next day, the thought of MJ came to my mind but one thing was the hindrance, where to see her. The only thing I got was her name. So difficult to locate her. But you know when your desperate there's nothing but couldn't do to achieve your goal. After getting to school, the first thing was to go to ruth' lab where I met MJ though I didn't allow Ruth to know. Hoping to see MJ I stayed for upto 2 hrs bfr my 11 class but it was futile. Disappointed I had to rush down to my lecture theatre so I wouldn't be late cos my lecturer closes the door once tz a minute past. The lecture took tz course even tho I didn't gain diddly cos all my goal was to meet MJ.

After some unsuccessful attempts to see her, I decided to go for my contingency plan wch is Ruth. I was gon ask Ruth if she knows the girl (MJ) that I was talking to the other day. To my utmost disappointment she said NO. even tho I didn't believe cos Ruth is a very popular so she knows virtually everybody around but I decided not to push it. So I decided well there r many fishes in the river. Itz time I focused on other bbes even tho it was hard to.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later, by that time titi and chinwe were already in my life. After the hectic class that closed by 6, straving profoundly it was time to head to my haven. As I was heading to the park dragging my feet on the ground when I saw my guy John, dayyum that guy is loquacious. So most time I avoid him. I had no choice but to listen to what he has to say. After wasting close to 20mins of my time he set me free. I shd have given a testimony the coming Sunday cos I was delivered from moses. Finally close to a cab when a soothing voice called me 'Deanny' . Only to turn back with a tired-looking frowned face and see MJ. The energy that came unto me was overwhelming. Seeing her was overwhelming. I couldn't help it but hug her though took her abt a 1 minute(Africa time ) to reciprocate.

I have never been happy in a while tho it sounds frivolous. I asked her where she had been and blah blah blah all the normal boring convo took place. Luckily for me our paths are aligned so we decided to enter the same cab. Many things transpired between us from where she stays, Dept, why she chose the institution and the other day. We joked all the way with all smiles but I made sure I collected her digits. After she dropped it was as if I was on the moon. If no be say d cab man good I for Don forget my change for hin hand.



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