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My Sexcapades During My University Days (Episode 4)

Well the next day friday was just a normal day even though I kept on thinking of MJ. After-jummah class that ended 5, I headed to Ruth's ouse on my way I decided to check on MJ. My day transformed when we fixed a date on Saturday the next day. I couldn't but help but jump around as I was walking to Ruth's ouse after dropping from the cab. Well she made my evening. Ohhhh u dis nonsense boy your here again was the first thing I heard on entering Ruth's room and she rushed quickly into the bathroom. Come here jo Ruth wetn person Neva see before. She said u dey craze ds one no be like the ones u Don see. Mtcheew I go see am last last.

Ruth came out with a bum short and crop top(dunno the name but I guess). Damn Ruth is curvy AF, I couldn't help but drool as I sticked my eyes to her seducing body. Ashewo!!! Was what brought me back to life as Ruth screamed. Omo Ruth u just dey make sense everyday. Shey u sure say I no go..... Shuuuiiish. Shut up Ashewo was what Ruth said to cut me off. Hafa food dey ouse. Ruth:u dey always hungry glutton. Me:Na u said. She signalled that there's rice inside the pot. Omo I turn flash enta go carry pot. Devour am with no time. Even tho Ruth was stl bitter about what happened she tried as much to hide it. I flipped her laptop opened to see a movie mehn girls have bad taste when it comes to movie. Naso girl girl boring movies dey her lappy. I was stl searching for a film to watch on the laptop when I started hearing ouch ouch iiish iish iish f##k tha p##$y.
The sound was emanating from my phone and the last time I remembered it was with Ruth. Ruth was so concentrated she never noticed I was watching it along with her for almost 2mins..Ruth wetn u dey look. I dey watch telemundo u olodo. Lol Ruth Na me be that oo sha no blind your eyes. Deanny wetn this thing dey do for your fone. Mehn by that time I don put the pillow for my thigh to cover u know. She noticed and shook her head, no dis small tin dey charge u. Well u no go blame me naw man no be fayawood. After about 5mins of watching she flung my fone on the bed and stood up to tidy some shiit tho I could see her hard nipple bulging out from her clothe. junior kicked out more. Mehn Ruth why u go watch this tin Na. Why?? Hin wan break. She laughed and went out.
Before I could realize, it was already 8pm and it was raining heavily.

Omo I Don frgt myself sha. By that time Ruth was in the kitchen preparing food guess that's what made me stayed that long.after eating Ruth's delicious food. We started talking about random tinz this time we were already sleeping supinely on the bed but with her head on my chest. As we were talking a call came in it was MJ. Who's my, Ruth asked. A friend I said. She called to check on me and about tomm. After exchanging our byes she hung up. So if she no call u no go tell me say u Don land one kpeteshi. Hu tel u say no my bbe Na just friend of tho I was duam I said with a win. She said hope say she fine. Mehn she fine pass u die. Ruth gave me a slap and said u dey craze. The convo abt MJ went on for about 2 mins. All of a sudden I heard kpassssh on my chest. Yeeeh! Ruth wetn a pub. That for having a new bbe wtawt telling me. Ehn Ehn Naso play start. Nothing dey sweet pass girl and boy play. The boy go just dey enjoy. Well the play started escalating to touch boobs spank yansh.

It went on for some time till when her fone rang. Mtcheew was the next thing I heard as I saw Ruth flinging her fone. Her mood as changed. Ruth Hus that. Itz Daniel. Oh!. Pick it now. She said no with an angry and harsh tone. By that time the call has cut. I persuaded for some time bfr she decided to pick the call. Blah blah blah was what transpired btw them. I wasn't interested to hear. It was long her mood worsened. Hafa Ruth wetn apun. No mind that goat he said it's the devil work that he stl loves me that I shd come over tomm. He thinks am a slut. Mehn guys can say nytn if they are angry Ehn, boys too sha but their own small. Well I won't allow dis to spoil Ruth's mood then I decided to cuddle her.
Damn there's nothing more soothing and sweet as hugging Ruth. A girl with all the right curves situated in the right places. From there we started rubbing of hands and shoulder and cheeks. Junior by that time was almost out of my trouser but I cautioned him and said Kai jo Na Ruth. Naso rubbing begin go anoda level of. I moved my hand from her cheeks back to her shoulder. By that time she was already rubbing my chest. Mehn be like say this thing Don dey turn anoda tin as I jst kept saying that in my mind. Bfr I could say jack I didn't know when I grabbed her boobs. Deanny stop what's that brought me back to life. Oh Ruth sorry I was carried away.

She has stood up by this time and was already sitting down. Nothing transpired between us for about 2mins with both of us waiting for who gon break the silence. I was about to talk when she stood up and went to the toilet. Deep inside me i said Deanny u Don fck up wetn dey do u self. My heart was telling me no be your fault her b##bs sef to big. Told him shut up jo. As I was stl lost lost in my thought, I just felt a soft cold watery sensation on my lips. Dayyum this is heavenly. After I came back to life it was Ruth........

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