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My Sexcapades During My University Days (Episode 3)

Since I alighted from the cab my mood skyrocketed, I was very api. Finally I achieved my long-term goal. As I was walking majestically to my hostel smiling to everybody I set my eyes on. I won a female lotto. Not long enough, my witchy Ruth called and there was an ominous silence from her which is so unlike my talkative Ruth. My hair stood on end. Ruth hello what's wrong?? All of a sudden, she muttered pls come over. Without a second thought, I turned back flagged down the next taxi and went straight to Ruth's ouse. Getting there I saw Ruth soaked in her tears. My heart skipped, damn wat might have happened. Ruth what happened? She didn't ansa. I asked again. She didn't ansa. Then I decided to hug her as per my personal paid only for to Ruth to shrug and dipped her head into a pillow.

Wetn I dn this babe?? Was the question running thru my mind. I had to say Ruth am sorry if have hurt u in any way. She didn't say a word. Well I decided to leave her cos I know weneva someone is angry is best to give them time. After chilling for abt 25mins. She wiped her tears and said Deanny can I trust u?? Ahn Ahn was the word that came out of my mouth, Ruth hafa wetn apun naw? Jst ansa the question she said. I said sure naw, you shd have known this fr a long time naw. Niso me see vex say y she no go trust me. She slapped my head and said see this girl shey no be me suppose dey vex. Y u kun dey do like girl. I couldn't help it but laff and she said do you know why I was crying??
I said yes. She was perplexed. She said 'what' with her watery eyes wide opened. I said u missed me with a wink accompanied by an evil grin. She laffd and slapped me again. I love seeing her smile /laff. She has this perfect dentition. Ruth is a very pretty girl and she knows am hitting on her but as per say we Don too close and she has a bf wch u know I don't like based on jealousy. She said tz Daniel.

This time around I was rili angry cos I tot he did somn to her. Next thing I said was what did he do? Did he touch u??. I was srzly waiting for a frivolous thing but she said calm down he didn't touch me. Then what? Stl wearing my blood-shot angry face. I caught him with fvcking Titi. Ehn?? Was the next thing that came out of my mouth. Wch Titi?? She hissed and said how many titis do you know. I said my own Titi and she said yes. Damn now I was. Angrier than Ruth albeit Titi was jst 'sarewagba' he shouldn't mess with my property. Then I said well me sef don enta ntn dey again make hin carry am. So I said so hafa what did h say. She said he started begging that one tin led to another. That t was an accident. I laughed hard and said Ehn Na tru naw no whr wey person no fit get accident. Nothing was more interesting when she said she was now done with him cos she forgave him wen she first caught him with a girl. Deep down I was api, Dis guy Don go. Well if Na Titi hin want hin fii take am.

To change topic I said hafa wetn dey ouse Ruth. She hissed and said u no well I don become your mother abii. I said. Color here jo. I went to the. Kitchen and helped myself with my handmade noodles. I was with Ruth until 8 when I told her I beta be on my way. She said why don't I sleep that tz already late. Looking at her disgustingly I said u think say I dey fear like u. Even if 1am knack I go go. Waheva was what came out of her mouth. Come here u jo u dis stubborn boy and she gave me a hug tho she had to push me away cos I wouldn't let go. Those boobs were too soft and big. I said well Daniel u Don miss and I dashed off.

I was a stone throw away from my hostel when my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Ruth. Hello? U missing me already?? Ruth: keep deceiving yourself. So u ome naw?? Me: nah. A girl ambushed me on the road so I had to surrender to her. Ruth hissed and said call me wen u get home nonsense boy and hung up. It was already few minutes to 9 when I remembered MJ. Oh fck was what I said, I Don forget to call this babe. See wetn Ruth cause. I must have cursed Ruth a thousand times. Immediately I called MJ, she didn't pick up called her again and it was futile once again. Hissed and I put my fone back in my pocket.

Well, the. Noodles I ate have gone to a place I know not. I decided to branch Iya basira to buy jolly rice. On getting there she was already packing up, I said aunty abeg shey food stl dey I fii faint. She said ehn see them for gutter. She just aggravated me after MJ showed her own by not picking up too. I just hissed and left. Guess she was frustrated but I was more. Well garri dey ouse I go soak. That's the anthem I kept singing till I got to my hostel. Went straight to the room drank garri immediately,showered and laid on my bed. As I was about entering dreamland my fone rang. If only the person heard the curse I reigned on him /her she wouldn't talk to me again. I had to trudge to the table whr my fone is only to see MJ. Gbainnnn, my eyes opened.

Hey MJ wassup with you love. MJ: oh sorry I missed your call I wasn't with it. Oh no p. Just wanted to check on you. And BTW it was nice meeting u today. She smiled I guess and said likewise. My night just got better. OK Deanny we gon talk tomm. Nyty nyt. The sleep that night was smooth and uneventful apart from the side that I dreamt of us swimming and.....



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