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Please help, my pastor’s wife is carrying my child

Hi admin
I just got a job in a servicing firm in ibadan, so i had to relocate from lagos to ibadan. I stayed though not too far away from where i work, i stay in APata area, so their is this family in the church i attend in ibadan that im so close to. I mean the man also works in NNPC and he also has some other businesses he does, he is an elder/pastor in the church i attend.

The wife happens to be a sunday school leader in our Sunday school class, im very close to the family i go to their house and they are very nice to me. Though, im closer to the wife more because she takes us through our discipleship class and stop by in my house from Monday to Friday to pick me up and drop me at work,we work almost along the same route.

3 months ago i wasn’t feeling too good so i told them at work i wasnt gonna come to work, to take medications. This woman came to pick me up on Wednesday and I told her I wasn’t feeling too good to go. She left and came to check me at home by Wednesday evening when she returned. Thursday too, i couldn’t go. She also came to check on me and bought me some fruits, then she said her husband will check on me on friday that he sends his regards.

So Friday after work, she came and we were discussing by that Friday i was well okay. During our discussion, just like joke, like play, one thing led to the other and we had s3x. Couldn’t even explain. Though prior to this sometimes when we discuss family issues she complained about her husbands busy schedule that has deprived him of making love to her good that’s why she hasnt been able to bear him another child, they only have a son.

Saturday i was supposed to go to the Sunday school class teaching but was so ashamed to go see her face. What i notice lately after three months is that it seems she is pregnant and i feel she is carrying my child. Plz help me, advice me how do i go ahead and ask or claim the child?



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