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Quickie In The Restroom - Woman Narrates S*xual Experience Wit A Co-worker

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience by a lady with her co-worker at the office, well narrated to entertain and satisfy.

Faith, the secretary was dressed to kill that day. She wore a clingy red dress which showed off her curves in the sexiest way possible.
All the guys in the office had eyes on her but there was only one that would get the chance to Bleep her. She had been screwing Steven, her co-worker on the side for months now. She knew nothing serious would come of it but she loved the excitement and fun she enjoyed whenever she was at work and knowing it was possible that she would get

Steven's eyes were on her all day but he was having a busy day. Faith kept smiling towards him, letting him know she was available for the taking whenever he wanted.
At one point, around 2pm, Faith decided to go to the restroom and relieve some of the sexual tension she had been nursing all day. She quickly locked the door behind her, raised her dress and pumped two fingers straight into her panty-less cunt. She bounced and bucked up and down her own hand until she felt she was close.

Using the other hand, she pulled the nub that was her throbbing clitoris between her index finger and thumb and she pinched until she came so hard, her vision was blurry.

She bit her bottom lip hard to keep from making too much noise and rode herself until cum dripped out of her cunt down her hands. She stayed still, waiting for the wave to pass and waiting for her breathing to get calmer.

When she was done, she washed her hands and adjusted her dress. She felt a little better and knew she was going to be able to handle waiting for Steven to come over and take her.

As she opened the door to head out, she nearly collided with Steven who was on his way in. In one move, he shoved her back into the restroom and Faith giggled her excitement. He gripped her dress and lifted it up, turning her around to face the sink.

In a few quick moves, he pulled down his trousers and briefs, releasing his throbbing hard erection. He had been hard all day, thinking about his dick entering Faith's tight p*ssy and how much he yearned to f*ck her.

Faith gripped the sink and bent over slightly, awaiting him. When she felt the head of his cock at her entrance, she spread her legs even further and pushed back, swallowing him whole.

She did not wait for him to move, she began jerking her ass back and forth against his dick. Steven let her ride him that way to her satisfaction then after a couple of minutes, he gripped her ass tightly and began shoving his cock in and out of her wet, tight p*ssy.

She gasped over and over again as Steven shoved himself so deep, she was feeling him in her belly. She tried to clamp her mouth shut but it was hard to control her reaction. It was no surprise when a moan escaped her lips as she came hard around him.

He came not long after, plunging deep into her and emptying his spunk inside her body. She gently grinded against him as he came, caressing his dick so sexily with her pussy until he was done.

He went out of the restroom first as Faith took the time to wash her face and clean up. It was fantastic. She hoped to do it again tomorrow.



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