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Size Doesn't Matter! Don't be deceived

Happy Weekend guys!, so yesterday I came across a thread where folks were discussing about "Big" and "small" wee size. Some ladies said "the bigger the better" well, I used to be of the same opinion that the "bigger" the better up on till I met a guy with a size I can't describe.

I had a job I was to deliver within two weeks, so the place I often visit was an industrial zone, usually at 12 staffs are out to have lunch. This guy was very tall with broad shoulders like he did his gyms perfectly, just so you all know what he looked liked: he is a perfect replica of John Dumelo in body building.

We would always walk pass each other and to be frank I was crushing on him but just won't let a Nigerian guy know, eventually he approached me, we talked and exchanged contacts, fast forward to a week later he asked me out but I didn't say "yes" immediately, I did a week after and we started dating.

His job was demanding, we would only meet during his leisure time at work cos he works from Monday to Sunday. Two months down the line, we've not had sex and we loved each other, I always know when a guy is in love with me. He called me one day and as we were talking he said my voice gave him an erection. grin As someone I would love to do anything with we agreed to have sex the next day. The night before: sleep left me, I was anticipating at what the sex would look like.

Finally I dosed off, I was happy that morning cos I'll be going to see my love hours later, by 11:am I was at his house(konji na bastard).  grin

He had this two seater settee in his room just by one extreme, after gisting for few minutes we moved to the room, he sat on the sofa and I sat on his legs, then we started kissing. I was wet while I could feel how erected his dick was but couldn't tell if it's "big" or "small". I removed it from his boxers and sat on it at that time we were moaning with pleasure. Then he undressed me and dropped me on his bed, the sex was great, he had cum and needed to change the cd for another round. While he was changing it, I stood on the bed and walked towards the edge while he was wondering what I was upto, I jumped on him.  grin At this point the "wall" was the only thing he had in mind, so he leaned my back against the wall and tried to put his dick in but it wouldn't stay, it kept slipping out(my pussy isn't the borehole kind) have not loosed body count.

He kept trying but it wouldn't stay, I began wondering cos have had sex with my ex on same position and his stayed, so I decided to place it myself, I realized it was very small but I didn't let it bother me cos he was ontop of his game.

He immediately moved me to the couch, which was were we had our last round, that was the best sex have had in my life that for weeks everything was playing in my head.  grin whenever I say to myself that his dick was small something else in me tells me "it didn't matter cos he could use it".

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To all those guys with small dicks, just know how to use it to your advantage, some guys with the bigger sizes are practically useless on bed cos they feel being endowed down there is enough...it isn't!.


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