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So Confused About My Boyfriend- Pls Help

What is the best thing one can do in this situation. I had an argument with my boyfriend due to his lack of understanding and distance. Making me feel too left out n we are still together especially when u call just to know how he's doing once in a while.

I even asked him if the best thing was to have a break so my mind would be clear n he said no. Well after the argument, I didnt speak to him for like a week, then called him and his phone was switched off. 2days later I got him, and asked him, he sounded differently, like we weren't even fighting.

So I asked him why his phone was off, if he was ok, n he said he just needed time to himself, we talked for a few mins. Then I called him that noght n his phone was off again, then tried it this morning with blocked id and it was on.

What do I do cos I dont even know if this is a relationship anymore, I'm tired of being the one trying to make it work. I have a feeling that he has another woman maybe even living with him n I cant just go to his house as a surprise before i find out something else n dont want to act too desperate. I want to call him this morning but want to say the right thing.

Do I invite him over for a talk even though i know he moght not show up, or ask him over the phone or what? It's getting to a new year. Im already hurt and would be hurt but I just want to know what's going on or where I stand. Pls what is the best I can do?

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