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The Day I Lost My Virginity To My Boyfriend; It all started from the Kitchen

A Lady just send this to my email so i decided to share it with You guys

"My boyfriend and i had been dating for almost 2 years. He lives 3 hours away so it's pretty hard for us to see each other. So he comes into town for a week and stays at my house in my room. It was December and he said he would spend Christmas with me so he came to stay.

The day he arrived my mom had been at work and i was left to take care of my brothers. My brothers were watching TV in the living room and i walked into the kitchen to get a glass of oj then i feel him hug me from behind and start kissing my neck. We ended up making out in the kitchen. And at one point i felt him wanting to grab my ass. But he didn't. He said he didn't want to do it because he liked being respectful.

The second day he was there my mom was at work again and my brothers wanted to go to the store. I gave them money and they left. As soon as they left we began making out. He asked me if he could have my permission to touch my front bottom area. I said yes. But we stopped, scared that my brothers would return. Then every so often when we were alone he'd ask to touch me and in one moment he said he wanted me very badly. I had been craving his touches all day.

That nite when everyone was sleeping i got up and locked my door. He looked at me weirdly. "I want to try" i said to him. He smiled and said he'd do whatever i wanted. I told him to grab a condom and put it on my nite stand.

We were both now standing up on the carpet floor. He kissed me and we soon began making out. He then took my clothes off and i took off his. The light was off so i hardly saw anything. We got into my bed and i asked him if i could put the condom on him. "Sure" he said. I put it on him and then he asked "Are u sure u want this?" I told him i was ready and that i wanted him.

So i lay on my back and i guided him in me. I told him to hold on and wait for my body to adjust to him. I'm not going to lie: it did hurt when he entered. But I enjoyed it so much. He felt great in me.

It was now my turn so i got on top and began to guide his member in me. I ended up having an orgasm that nite. It felt like my whole body was drained of all my energy and i just collapsed on top of him.

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Ever since that nite every time we were alone during the day and in the morning we would do it in my room and once in the shower. And now we are almost 3 yrs together and we both love and cherish each other so much. He truly is the love of my life.


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