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The Foolish Experience I Had The First Time I Got Laid


I invited my girlfriend back then to my place which she did, we were both on the bed together talking then i decided to start but was confused, don't know where to start from, as i be Virgin without experience na

So i decided to do what my friends taught me, she was very resistive, pushed me nd was telling me to leave her , i pretended to be deaf nd continue, when she realized i wasn't going to give up she then allow me to explore her body, my finger was in her kpekus when she was moaning with sweet sound track, she was holding my head and scattering my jerry coil,

I pulled her pant leave other wears on, no time to waste, remove my trouser then grab my condom, tore it, try to wear it, wahala come start, condom no gree enter my d**ck, my hands were shaking, I tried the condom again it won't slide, I would hv dig the girl without condom but back then i was very afraid of HIV (who won die because of kpekus), finally i was able to wear the condom half way after wasting almost 5 minutes

I went back to the girl on bed but then she is no longer in the mood, i tried to grab her but she pushed me away, we started struggling, we were still struggling when i released in the condom , my d**ck start falling like a landing plane, i felt so ashamed and the girl just looked at me and hissed , she put on her pant and left my room, I was just looking like zombie, i couldn't do anything again,,, that day i blame the nonsense condom for spoiling my show
Very foolish experience

But after much persuasion, the girl came again, but this time before she even arrive at my house i don wear condom for inside trouser dey wait for her,,, the rest na story


To you guys, what is the foolish experience you had the first time you got laid


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