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What Is The Significance Of Cross-over Service For Christians?

It's that time of the year again, that time of the year when almost everyone begins to reflect on their actions and achievements or failures in the year that is about to end. Many people are already compiling their new year resolutions and plans already no doubt. It's also the time for one of the most interesting and unusual church service that has become an annual end of year ritual among churches all over the world; THE CROSSOVER SERVICE.

The crossover service is perhaps the most attended church service across the country. On the 31st of December every year, millions of people gather in churches so that they can cross over into the new year in the presence of God, They wait expectantly for the clock to strike 12 midnight, for the Man or Woman of God to declare the word of God for the new year and they scream and jump in excitement when the minister says in a solemn voice, "Thus says the Lord, the year 2019 shall be the year of.......". Then the prayers begin, members of the congregation tap into the declaration and present their own personal plans for the new year before God, The minister then proclaims God's blessings for the new year on the people. A usually very elaborate and euphoric service for Christians like me I must say but it's usually just few hours after the service that the questions start ringing in my head,

What exactly is the significance of this service? Are there really special blessings for those who attend that those who don't attend won't receive? How about the curious observation that many people who didn't even bother about God or attend a church service throughout the year suddenly pop into the church on that night to claim God's promises and blessings for the new year? Does God's presence really go into the new year with people as they attend and leave those services? How about the Olive oils, bottled water, handkerchiefs or aprons, stickers with the word for the year printed on them and other " holy items" attendees usually come home with? Are they really effective in helping those who possess them in any way in the new year?

I have my thoughts about all that but since I am not hundred percent sure I am right about it, I'd rather prefer to put it out here and know your opinions on this topic. Does this service have any special or unique importance for Christians?


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