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3 Easy Ways To Know If He Will Marry You

Love and relations is a good thing only when you are with the right person.
Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of people have suffered due to the treatment and disappointments they have suffered in their relationships.
As a woman, you may have been trying to find out what is in the mind of your man as per settling down with you in the future so as to help you plan your life.
In this article, I am going to give you tips that will help you know if he is thinking of settling down with you in the nearest future.

3 Easy Ways to Know If He Will Marry You
#1. He Wants To Know More about You and Your Family
For the men, this is one of the foremost and basic steps they take when they are nursing the idea of masking a woman their wife.
He will want to know more beyond the usual basic information like name, age, and tribe etc. You will find out that he wants to know about your family background and he will be eager to get to know your parents and your siblings. To him, he wants to meet his future in-laws and get to know and see how they look.

#2. He Shares His Life Plans with You
Men find it difficult to disclose their future plans to women that they don't have any ties with. But the moment you notice that he shares his dreams and even fears and worries with you then are rest assured that he is planning on knotting the tie with you.
When a man shares his dreams, his worries with any woman, then that is a strong indication that he is comfortable with the woman and the possibility is there that he can easily walk down the aisle with her.

#3. He Is Concerned About Your Personal Development
Take it or leave it, if your man is never disturbed or concerned with your individual growth or development then you are just a friend with benefit to him.
But if he is seeing you as a future life partner then he wants to see that you further your education, start a business or start something meaningful that will make you more an asset than a liability when you finally move into his house as his wife.

In conclusion, I do not subscribe to the school of thought that suggests that you should be dating more than one man all in the name of having a backup up plan in case one disappoints you.
Stick to that person that you have chosen to stay with provided he shares the same values with you else, dump him and move on with your precious life.
Remember, as a woman a lot of things are better done when you have age on your side. Take advantage of your young age but don’t make wise decision and choices.


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