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A Lady's Letter To Her Future Hubby

Dear future husband,
Here are some of the things I will like you to note
Love: you must first and foremost love God. Your love for me must stem out of your love for God. A day must not end without telling me you love me shey you hear
Carry me: better be prepare to carry me on your back o ehn ehn. Let me be your baby in peace, piggy ride inclusive. You must be ready for pillow fights too, we can't be serious all the time.
You must be playful, biko come and steal meat in the kitchen when I'm cooking, give me reason to chase you around the house.
And you see that space between your legs and chest is strictly for me. I will just sit and rest my head while we gist
Your shirt and boxers is OURS, I'm going to wear your shirt don't bother to buy for me cos I want the one you've worn because it will carry your warmth and essence, same thing goes for your boxers.
You must like food o cos I like to cook. Please don't be a picky eater.
I'm stubborn too, so when I'm being stubborn just know that I also love you stubbornly and be patient with me.
With love from :
Your future wife


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