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My Ex Boyfriend Doesn't Last Long, But this one; He Hardly Cums

Wonders will not end o.. Pls read

I once had a boyfriend who does not last long in bed. We dated for over 6years. Anytime we copulate, he doesn't last long. Maximum time he can last is just about 30 seconds. Sometimes, he discharges immediately he insert his rod into me. I got tired and frustrated. I tried to consult the native herbs healer but his case seems irredeemable. We have even gone to the hospital and the doctor has prescribed drugs for him but all to no avail.

I never wanted to leave this guy because he was nice to me but he can't satisfy me. I have tried to use cucumber but I am not getting the flesh to flesh satisfaction.

Again, whenever we are watching films and the couples are talking about sex and how a man should last on bed, Scooby always get angry. I finally left him, but it seems this my new boyfriend is something else.

We've been dating for almost 3 months but we've known each other for years. I've been so happy with him but he has 'slow ejaculation' and cannot cum during sex or pre-intimacy as in he has never cum during s3x which always last more than 4hours and I always have a swollen pusssssy after s3x.

He only cum's when i give him hand job with soap/masturbates. We have not had s3x for weeks. Last time we had s3x, bro no cum and now he says he's too afraid. He has never been in a relationship longer than six months, I'm guessing due to this issue...he is caring and affectionate, have been trying to get him to therapy for this undecided....is this normal or he's into enhancers ?


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