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I Can't Control My Urge - Pls HELP

Sometimes when I go to a guys house the guy will be shy to open show grin

So I can't forget what a guy told me one day that he have never seen a girl that force him to have sex despite the first day they're meeting.
He said am not shy. Many street boys have say am not shying like others.

Last time I forced my self not to ask the boy for fohk but the next day 5 o clock I started sucking him till he start and start.

so in conclusion am not a shy girl but I will always be the first to bring the sex issue.
no matter how I pretend.

How can I stop it. I want the guy to ask me for fhok so I will not look cheap. Everyday when I come to his house he does not fhork me well. And when I ask him of it he will say; is s3x food. ??

Pls advice.


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