My name is Stella and I am 25 years of age. I started having an erotic feeling for my dad for some years now.

My parents got married at a very young age so they had us on time and we grew with them. I was the most favourite of dad’s and I loved him so much.

Despite the number of children my parents had, my dad was still looking charming, tall, a very sxy physique and most importantly, very rich. I was so attached to my dad even as a child but when I became an adult, the feelings became erotic.

I lived off camp in a 3-bedroom flat alone while in my finals, so on that fateful day; my dad paid me a visit since he was around the neighbourhood. I have been having funny imagination of being in bed with my dad and praying to have at least one opportunity to fulfill my heart desire.

He already called an hour before to inform so I was prepared and bent on carrying out my plan of seducing him that day. Eventually he arrived and we exchanged pleasantries. He enquired about my wellbeing after he had settled comfortably on one of the cushions in the sitting room, I sat close to him with my head on his shoulder while we talked.

While in the middle of our discussion, I started frolicking with my dad’s chest, caressing him as he spoke. At first he didn’t understand what I doing until my hand got to his manhood area. He pushed me away forcefully and asked what was that about, I started crying where I was on the floor and he moved with compassion to calm me down and quickly apologized for being so hard on me.

As he spoke, I wasn’t really listening to what he was saying, my eyes was just fixed on his face as I thought of how much in love with him I am. He lifted me up to rest on his shoulder that was when I quickly locked lips with him. He became so shocked and asked amidst shouting, ‘Stella are you going crazy?’ why the strange act? I answered him by confessing my long overdue feelings for him.

I said ‘Dad I know it’s kinda odd but I am crazy about you, I love you dad, I am deeply in love with you. I can’t seem to get you off my mind’. I didn’t know how to approach you at home because of mummy and I wasn’t having enough courage to but when you called to inform about your visit, I made up my mind to show you in my actions what I feel for you, I said. He stood there both shocked and dumbfounded.

After what seems like he was deaf and didn’t hear a word of what I said, he picked up his phone to leave, I broke down in tears which was his weakest point. He doesn’t like to see me cry. He sat down, cuddled me on his lap and asked me to repeat what I just said. I told him to allows us give it a trial because obviously, it was like he felt the same way. I promised him that it will be our darkest secret and mum won’t ever find out.

While talking, my hands were already unzipping his trouser unknowingly to him. The next second, his dck was already in my mouth before he could make any move. I gave him a hard suck and weakened him completely though I know my mum doesn’t do that to him. I continued with the suck until I made sure he would not resist me any longer. I quickly undressed him and sat on him.

I was already wet so penetrating wasn’t that difficult. I made love to him like I have never done in a long while. At this point, his mouth was already on my sumptuous boobs, he sucked and smooched my boobs so hard while I gave him the pleasure of his life. My dad has it all. His dck was like 6ft long; it almost got to my navel. He fcked me so hard like no one has ever done even my young boyfriend.

I know it’s an abominable act but at that moment, I really didn’t give a damn. After hours of a rough love making, he gave a hard release inside me and we were both exhausted. He smiled at me and told me that I was the sweetest woman he had ever been with in his entire life; even my mum could not meet a match with me.

He gave in to my request of having a secret love affair so that made him to visit me every weekend. My boyfriend, Michael started suspecting me and at a point got fed up and broke up with me, I still didn’t care. My dad gave me the whole world; he showered me with gifts and cars. After my graduation, he bought me a house in one of the private estates despite my mum’s complains which he gave deaf ears to her.

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My dad arranged a trip to Dubai for just him and I secretly, we spent one week in the hotel fcking and shopping. It was the best week of life. 2 months after we returned from Dubai, I felt sick. At first I thought it was normal malaria until I visited the clinic and conducted a test, I discovered the shocking bombshell of my entire life, I was pregnant for my dad.

That was when it dawned on me what I’ve don’t to myself. My dad found out the next weekend when he visited and insisted that I must keep the baby. I pleaded with him to allow me abort the child but all fell to his deaf ears. I started making plans to leave the country but my dad used his resources to hold me down.

Now I’m 6 months pregnant and have gone into hiding because of my mum, who is at the verge of killing herself if she doesn’t see me. Please I need help, can someone help me to convince my dad that I cannot have this child. What do I do? How do I get myself out of this calamity that has befalling on me and is almost claiming my life?


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