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"I Think I Am A Lesbian, I Need Help Please! "

Please house help me i have feeling for ladies and i don’t know what to do ? My family just recently discovered again that my younger sister is a lesbian we were all extremely devastated,the signs were always there when she was younger i noticed she liked watching lesbian porn a lot but never thought much about it or even thought to tell my parents because I thought it was just a phase that all teenagers go through.

The real revelation came a month ago when the whole family went out to a weeding except for her we were going to be gone for 2 hours i however had to comeback earlier than expected because I was feeling nauseous that was when I met a shocking sight of her romancing and handling the breasts of another girl.

I need some advice please I won’t to know how we can beat this spirrit of homosexuality out of her please she is my dearest sister and I don’t want her to go to hell.
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A Nigerian lady, Debrah Dineo also took to her Facebook to reveal that she loves boobs and ass and is more attached to women. According to her, it started when she first touched her sister’s boobs
“I am not a lesbian but i don’t know why i get attached to girls more than guys.i love girls more.i have always loved b**bs and a*s that sometimes i feel like touching.i started liking b**bs since the day i purposely touched my elder sis own while i was still in primary school.thats weird right?i hate handbags.i sometimes wish i was a boy..You are a girl,just know i love you.
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