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I Think I Am Stupid In Love

Why will a Lady love a guy so much?

Why do good ladies always fall victim of fake love?

Why is true love hard to find?

Why am I finding it difficult to believe that good guys exist?

Why I am always heart broken when I fall in love?

I know I am wrong but my curiosity made me to snoop in my boyfriend's phone. I found how his friend and him are labelling me bad. How he flirt with other ladies; he compliment their pictures, telling them that they are pretty, he want to marry them, using romantic words on them like sweetheart, I will kiss you and all. It hurt me because he don't compliment my pictures.

We had a big disagreement three months ago and got back together. His friends and most especially females are saying bad words about me. In a nutshell, he came back to the relationship out of pity. I am just hurt, I don't know if I should cry or laugh. I love this guy so much that I can't imagine him leaving me. I am stuck in this love. If I think of leaving, it will make me sick.

Maybe I am not made for love.


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