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It's true that I'm a f00l Today; He's Been playing me

Dear joro, More grease to your elbow please keep me anonymous. I'm in my early 30's so I met this guy 2months ago and he was everything, he is always with me we go everywhere together, we go to cinema every weekend and do lunch and dinner in a good restaurant but he paid just once I do the other days payment cos he told me he was broke.

I fuel his car, he comes to my store to pick stuff for himself saying he will pay me every dime ASAP he gets money. I was loyal to him, he told me he had issues with his apartment so he can't go home so we meet in his cousin's place at every time we want to have a good time.

This guy went to my mom himself told her how much he wants me to get married to him ASAP and all but he said no wedding until I put to bed(not pregnant). Joro I just found out this guy got married 4months ago and his wife is 8months gone -- -- he's been lying to me and taking money from me he used me joro.

What should I do I just want to die now


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