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Love making Na Food!!!!

Sex no b jus about to born children full ground like pepeye. Try make you be different woman to your husband every time. Seduce your husband, no dey allow your husband to ask for Sex before you give am, you no suppose get timetable for sex.
Be creative, u no suppose dey predictable. Give am wetin he wants. If you loose influence for your husband, my sister you don lost womanhood. Always dey you husband's plans.
Abeg no born many children, you wan sell them ? Abeg Allow your husband enjoy dat level anytime, no dey wear cloth go bed sometimes..
When man Don dey sexually satisfied, he go dey emotionally stable. No dey say sex no be food Yes, na food !!!
As a correct wife, try invest in yourself spiritually and financially so you go fit dey support am.
Try Build yourself as he prayer warrior so you no go dey forced to pray when things no dey well. Hmmm no dey allow your husband provide all your needs,you wan kill am? Haba! Him no be money making machine na . you never her say Iron sharpens iron? try to reciprocate.
Una suppose to dey support each other spiritually, financially, physically and morally even when things good or not. You be home builder....Wise woman dey build her home. As a woman you need wisdom to build your homes.
No dey too talk talk , you suppose know when you go talk, when to listen and when to shut up.
Love your husband with all your heart, no try am tell him say, if not because of my children I for Don Leav e you, remember say you known am before those children.
Pamper your husband, put he head for your chest and pray for him. Sometime wey body go sweet you, Give am unannounced kiss from the back.... mwahhhhhh, abeg no dey do holy holy say you no fit kiss for public. Abeg na your husband for God sake abi you the tif am?. Always dey romantic oo, e good for the heart well well.
Some people no dey happy say u dey happy for marriage, always dey prove them wrong say you love am and na him be your crown, always feel good anytime you hold your husband.
I know say you go vex for this one but I go talk am. No dey look like 50 when you never reach 30, men no dey like am. Try dey do small small exercise sometimes.
Always dey look good even if you dey on d big side or you age Don still go small. No dey tie wrapper for chest every time for house like old person. Sometimes jus wear only pant and bra or naked sef.
Go learn how to cook beta food if you no sabi o, before you kill another woman pikin with indomie and egg, bread and tea, and fast food. Abeg learn how to make food( healthy food).
To men:
no take woman who dey do all these things wey i don mention for granted!
Pamper her, pray for her, cherish her, love her, support her financially, make her feel like your woman! Stay one place make prayer for work for you.
God bless una and una marriages/ relationship.


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