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My Boyfriend Doesnt Know How To Pet A Gurl.

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"Hi evry1.

Am Ibukun by name. I nd ma bf av been dating 4 mor dan a year nw. Bt d problem i av wit hm is dat he doesnt knw hw 2 pet a gal. He shout ova little tinz, alwaz monitoring ma movement. Talkz to me anyhw witout respect. He is too hot tempered.

D most anoying tin abt hm is dat he alwaz cal me by ma name. I expect hm 2 gve me a pet name. Bt weneva i tel hm,he wil bounce on me nd start shouting. He mkes me cry alwaz. Bt one tin i love abt him is dat i dont lack anytin. Weneva i ask hm 4 money or anytin, he provides it 4 me. I dnt wanna leave hm coz i love hm xo much nd i knw he loves me too.

D only problem is dat he doesnt knw hw 2 pet me. I guess daht ws d way he ws brought up. Plz i nid ur advice. Wat do u tink i can do 2 change hm? Am i 2 teach hm or wat? D problem is dat he doesnt listen 2 me. Am alwaz wrong weneva i say sumtin.

Another thing is, i do give him bj before se.x, and i look forward to him giving me head too, but he wouldn't. Pls is it not healthy to give a girl head or he is just selfish.
He won't even kiss me after I spit/swallow his cu.m after BJ because "it's like eating your own cum but I just did.
Is this a stigma for guys or is he just a mysoginistic ass  angry

I dont understand it, I pleasure him and he enjoys it but avoids my entire face the whole time until I clean up, whats the deal yo?!
He is d only persn dat is right. He claims 2 knw evrytin nd alwaz prove me wrng. Plz hlp #sad


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