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My Girlfriend Vagina Is So Ugly, Please Advice Me

I'm not a shallow guy. I've been with this girl for quite a while now, and it's always sort of been something I have worried about for a while. My first girlfriend had a perfect vagina, almost unusually perfect, not very big lips at all and really tight/pretty.

Sadly the girl am dating now has a really ugly vagina.  The kind of vagina that you would expect her to want to get surgery on, they are proper "beef curtains", and it bothers me.

Am I shallow for thinking i'd like her more for having a pretty vagina?

But here’s the thing: It isn’t ugly. It just looks that way.

Different Isn't Ugly
In order to assume that you’re ugly, there has to be a standard to compare yourself against, right? If you check out the websites for cosmetic surgeries like labiaplasty, the "down-there" ideal for women looks something like what Barbie’s got going on under that ruffled miniskirt: All tucked up neat and tidy. And completely smooth and whiskerless, of course, like one of those weird hairless cats.

If that’s what she's got in her panties, more power to her, but there’s something to be said for diversity, especially since the vulva and vagina are such an amazingly diverse structure.

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In fact, I’d be willing to bet that no two vulvas are alike. It's a little hard to prove it in the locker room, but there's an amazing art exhibit (The Great Wall of Vagina!) by U.K. artist Jamie McCartney. He’s created plaster casts of more than 400 real-life vaginas (well, actually they're vulvas) and displayed them all, side by side, in 10 panels.

What you’ll notice right away is how astoundingly different each is from the one next to it; one is a simple cleft, another an orchid. In some, the labia hang down, or the inner labia open out like butterfly wings, or fold gracefully to one side.

"For many women their genital appearance is a source of anxiety and I was in a unique position to do something about that," McCartney said.


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