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My Man Is Too Attached To His Mum, Advice Needed

Good evening viewers!

"I have this issue that has been bothering me, and I dont know I can cope with it anymore particularly now we are making plans to settle down after my NYSC.

My man is too attached to his mum almost like an addiction. at first i was cool with it because his dad is late and i like guys that are close to their mums, but my man own is creepy and freaking me out. he calls his mum almost every hour, morning, afternoon, evening and even midnight calls.

One day his mum complained of headache, he almost left his office just to buy his mum drugs despite his mum telling him it's not serious, when i tried confronting him about this he told me that his mum is his soul and if his mum dies he would die along with her too, with all seriousness he told me this.

I've been very uncomfortable since that statement from him and it's making me have a rethink whether i can cope with him as a spouse.. please advice me..

Being addicted to one's mom is not bad. However, the prospective wife of a man that possesses such behavioral traits needs to decide what is important for her. If him being attached to his mother is a problem for you, then please leave him and find somebody else. Don't try to change him cos it won't work.



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