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My Neighbors Wife Is So Fine and Pure

Good evening Joro, this is not a relationship issue concerning me. My neighbors wife is so fine and pure. So polite and always smiling. But her husband is a dog and her cheater. Joro this guy is always in different universities carrying all shapes and size of olosho.

I know because have seen him out with different girls before. Have seen on park at the end of the road and collect head. Have seen him at university of Suya Allen Ikeja with with this ashewo looking girl. Joro e dey pain me die.

I want to tell the wife about anonymously. Joro I won't lie I love the wife. Have masturbate to her so many times. I can withdraw all my money in the account for her. This women doesn't deserve this. I treat my wife better than that.

My wife doesn't lack and I don't have any olosho. I am in pain typing this right now. I can cry. E pain me gan.


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