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Our Very First Orgasms - LADIES SPEAK

Reaching an orgasm through sex has always been an interesting topic for women. Many of us have spent so many years lying about climaxing in bed with our partners that it’s led to self doubt and wondering if it’s even possible and although it is, some of us are still unsure of how to make it happen between the sheets. I decided to speak to four different women about their very first orgasms and their tips for climaxing. Read below.

Name: Javi
Age: 20My first orgasm was when I was 12, it was through masturbation and it was via clitorial stimulation. I have been sexually active since I was 15 and I’ve only reached my first orgasm from another person now and that was through oral sex. It felt different to clitoral stimulation, it didn’t feel better or worse though.

I’ve lied about having an orgasm with every guy I’ve slept with because I lacked knowledge when it came to sex and I didn’t want to damage the guys ego.

“How was it?”

“Yeah it was good babe”

I realised I wasn’t having sex for his pleasure but for mine too! So I started being a little more selfish and stopped giving, until I started receiving.

TIP: A tip I’d give is to be verbal. Tell him what you like and what you don’t like otherwise he’ll never know! Guys think that because you’re wet it feels good! If you’re not comfortable talking about it then do it during sex, otherwise I don’t think he’s the guy you should be sleeping with.

Name: Georgia
Age: 19

I was 18 when I had my first orgasm and it was through oral sex.

The best way to describe an orgasm for me? I had a rush of heat go through my body. I was shaking and literally collapsed and fully KO’d, I had no energy whatsoever. This was of course at the end of sex, so I slept after.

I’ve never lied about an orgasm because I feel that if the person you’re having sex with and yourself are in sync, they will be able to feel it as well as yourself. If you have to ask them if they felt it or tell them that you climaxed, to me that means we’re not in sync with each other.

Tip: You have to be completely comfortable and relaxed. It doesn’t happen overnight. You really have to be in tune with yourself and your body to fully let go.

Name: Hannah
Age: 23
The first time I had an orgasm I was around 13, but I remember feeling pleasure before then. It was while masturbating.

Even when I was young, I felt shame surrounding self pleasure without even understanding what masturbation or orgasms were.

I never lied about an orgasm because I’m too grumpy and would just make it obvious I’m frustrated about not reaching my climax.

TIP: Self love is fundamental for learning your body, being comfortable with your body and knowing how to please it. You need to be as relaxed as possible and not put pressure on yourself if/when you can’t achieve an orgasm.

Name: Shanice
Age: 25

If I’m remembering correctly, I was about 14-15 when I first climaxed. It was through masturbation (always been into exploring my body).

Aaah. The feeling was amazing, I wasn’t even sure what the feeling was exactly. I just knew I wanted to continue to feel just that.

Unfortunately, I have had to lie about an orgasm. The sex was horrible and I just wanted it to be over, so I had to fake it. Lol



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