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Please Help! I Think I Have a Shallow Pu**y

Is there anything we will not see on social media, especially as regards love, sex and relationship? Whenever I go through confessions sent to joro by his instagram followers I just wonder how much good or harm the internet has done to us.

Hello Hunku Joro and Joro nation! I am a lady of 23 years, I just started having s!x and I am noit enjoying it the way I should. Anytime I have sex with my fiancé I feel hime hitting my walls and is not a joyful experience. He is like 7 inches long and he likes to bury his whole thing inside.

The only time I enjiy sex is when he is not totally in, missionary style seems to be my favorite, due to this problem I cant do doggy, but again doggy seems to be the only style that makes me cum.
Most times when we are doing it he holds my hands down because of my constant push and I just have to chew on the pain.

I developed menstrual cram because of this pain and I don’t have it before now. Please am I alone on this or there are other ladies out there who cant take in all of their guys?


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