Being in love is a beautiful thing, it is one proof that we actually exist. As it feels as though you don’t exist when no one notices you; that’s how life without love is. Yes, I agree when people say love makes you do crazy things; because if it weren’t for love, I wouldn’t jump off a cliff unto a swimming pool when I do not know how to swim. LOL
What is Love? Is it a tingling feeling or is it that tender, passionate affection for that beautiful damsel or handsome dude?

You might not understand this until you are in your own relationship or until that one special person I pray you meet sweeps you off of your feet. Yes, falling in love makes you vulnerable, but, to that special person but it is well worth it. It is the best feeling ever. The vulnerability you feel isn’t anything compared to that feeling you got when you know someone cares deeply, craves for you, breathes you, lives for you, adores you, and still makes you shy when they give you that look.
When you are in love your heart falls for the same person over and over again. I can best define the feelings as mysterious! Yes, if not why would you keep falling for someone every day? They are your mistakes. They are your weakness. “I can feel my heart beating right now.”

A friend once told me, times changes every second and so do we, evolution before our very own eyes. This is so true. But with love, every moment of your life counts, not just when you are with those you love but even in their absence.
I once told someone, never look into my eyes because you’d never look back. Guess what the response was; “I wanna drown in them.” That moment I felt like I was dancing in the dark with her right in between my arms.
But what happens when that special person you have faith in walks away? Hurts you? Cheats on you? Undermines you? Jilts you?

Look inward and tell me what you’d do, don’t be afraid to vent out what you feel inside. Remember the first reaction is always the sincere one, though might not be the right one.
The truth is; life is too short to go around holding grudge against someone. Don’t miss any opportunity to be the better or bigger person.

Every day that you live unhappy is a day you’ve wasted. But before you start thinking of pay back, transfer of aggression and vengeance; have you thought of the reasons why your partner chose to let go? A wise man once said, “relationships never die a natural death; they are murdered by ego, attitude, and ignorance”. This is so true nothing can be added or subtracted from it.
So much energy is produced when you have been wronged but how do you dissipate this energy? Do you want to dwell on the wrong and the wrong doer or invest the energy productively? Do you want to dispense the energy devising retaliation strategies or would you rather craft winning ideas? Convert the energy to positive use.
The concept of forgiveness is easier said than practiced but rewarding. If you open to the idea, you become strengthened and become better for it. I pray for inner strength for you.
I expect to hear from you, but until then; remember “NEVER DEAL WITH PAINS BY CAUSING OTHERS PAIN”
Stay strong!


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