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Relationship: What I did To My Wife Today

Another one that turned me on when I saw it on Joro’s IG wall
Hi Joro,

I cooked for my wife today. She loved it. I got her wine, grapes, we drank and I gave her head for 25 minutes straight, I lick and bit her cl!t.

She scratched my back so hard. I use ice cream on her n!pples and sucked them too, I bit her neck, licked her ears, kissed all her stretch marks on her body.
Then it was time for penetration. I put only the tip inside her and asked her to beg me for it in Yoruba. She begged for it. I gave her for 20 minutes.

After I finished I used, I cleaned her up with wipes, she thought I was done. I started giving her head again, she was screaming so loud. I told her to suck my n!pples so I can get hard, she did.
Second round was 40minutes. Ist round was slow and gentle, 2nd round was hard and rough. Summary, I fvcked her.  I put her as at the edge of the bed so I hit the cl!tor!s hard and strong.

Joro, share so all men can do this to their wives.


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