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Slept with my friends wife Today After a Massage

Joro Hailings oh baba pls hide my ID. My friend has been out of naija for 2 years now , he moved to yankee for work , he travelled a year after getting married to his wife ,he hasn't seen her for two years now tho they communicate often , here is what happened i was at a friends child dedication with his wife so after the party she begged me to drop her off at home.

I dropped her off oh , on my way home she called me that she fell climbing the stairs and she's hurt and Bla bla I insisted that I have to get home before it's late she sha started begging almost crying that she's really hurt I decided to go back , getting to the house I saw her acting like she was in pains she told me to help her massage her leas that it hurts really bad.

I was like I would come pick her to the hospital tomorrow and sort it out so she told me to assist her to the room that she can't walk , Omo as we got to the room this woman pushed me to the bed and undressed she has the most beautiful body i have ever seen, I told her we can't do this to my friend looking at her body I was turned on she was like she has not had sex in two years and that she promise this will only be between us.

To cut the long story short I slept with her to be sincere that was the warmest, tightest and juiciest Coochie I have fVcked in 39 years of my life , I fVcked her all night she came about 5 times before morning.
I regret my actions I was a little bit drunk that night after the whole thing I blocked her contact , this babe has been texting me and calling me with different numbers telling me that she would like to see me and everything that happened that was a mistake. Should I tell my friend or just ignore her


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