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You Will Have To Cum Inside

Sent in by a blog reader

"Girls can be very wicked o . This is a text message my new catch sent me. I was like Omoh, this relationship will be filled with gbedu..

She came back from a long distance journey and had dropped her luggage at the post office and called me to come help her pick them to her house. On my way to assist her, bam ! A text message arrive my my phone, I checked, it was her, " You will have to cum inside " … hey!

I didnt care to call her to ask what she meant since I know the post office very well and it has two gates entrance and exit. But deep down in me, I knew this was a dirty talk coming from either a h.orny girl or a lady ready to play emotional pranks.

As fate will have it, it was the latter, this girl nah serious player. If you want to come near her, she will say, " My mother said, men should not touch me" shoo.

She will dress on light leggings, come to my house, seat down to eat with me and raise both her legs ajar while seated on the sofa, one day I was just looking at the centre and everything was clear. She asked me, " What are you.looking at " ? I said, nothing, I am eating. This wicked girl even slept till day break on same bed on two occasions..chai, nah only me waka come ?

My ratings just went down on my tables that year. Some girls are born weekend o. You be sharp guy no reach this one. This babe bakassi nah heavy duty added to her smooth black skin and tall height..

If she make mistake remember me again, nah karma go wire that her nyash. I just stopped picking her calls.

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