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Caught Between Two Cousins - Pls help

Good day Joro. More grace to your hustle. Keep me anonymous.
I'll make it brief. I met these guys early January at a friend's wedding. I met Mr A first and was already crushing.

We didn't talk much at first cos he was busy. After the wedding, I was sitting outside chilling, waiting for others to go back to the hotel. He came and sat beside me and we got talking. Mr B walks in and takes over the conversation.

We talked for long. It was nice talking to him shag but I was already crushing on Mr A so I wasn't completely paying attention. I went home. Mr B called often, long conversations. Interesting ones to be frank. But I was all into Mr A. Mr A finally calls.

Amazing long talkv ee. Damn I was carried away already 4,44 We seemed to connect a lot. Spent a day with him. We ended up doing almost all I loved. I thought that was it. Mr B declares his intentions but I turned him down.

He then finds out I was into his cousin. Although he wanted me bad, he didn't want anything that'll come between two of them. I respected that. But then, I get closer to Mr A and realizes he wasn't what I fantasized. He opened up to say he has a girl already but he doesn't want to lose me either - - I had to push him away because I can't settle for a second option.

When I started getting over Mr A, I realized Mr B had all I wanted in a guy but I was blinded by Mr A We are still friends but we don't talk as much anymore. Do I give Mr B a chance or should I just leave both of them and move on?


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