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Fat girls struggle; But why?

Fat girls struggle

Good evening Joro, May God bless the good work you are doing, let me go straight to the point. My issue is this, Joro i have been dating this guy for a year now, and I finally met his family two weeks ago.

When i came to the house I wasn't much welcomed, they were all looking at me somehow and i felt so uncomfortable on that very visit and I couldn't even wait to leave the environment. After some days, I decided to ask my boyfriend why his family members were acting somehow when i came....

Joro guess what he told me, he said his family members don't like fat girls, Joro i am a size 12 with curves, all his family members are skinny, his mum and sisters are size 6, his brother is skinny too, even his dad is skinny, my boyfriend is also very skinny, my boyfriend loves me so much, he loves me the way i am and wants to marry me but his family is against him marrying a fat girl.

I'm confused right now... should i loose weight for his family or i should just leave my body the way it is.... How am i even sure he will even marry me if i loose the weight cos i know men can disappoint. be in the comment section


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