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He completes me. I'm in love with another woman's husband.

Hi joro. (please repost )i am in the most difficult situation in my life.. i am married with kids, then i met this guy who is also married, and trust me it feels like we were meant for each other, the way we connected and still do connect is out of this world.

We later became friends i mean both families, his wife is such a sweet soul, i like her, ( even though i feel she pretends a lot) which is non of my business but she is amazing. our kids are friends and everybody just communicates very well.i just wish there isn't more with me and this guy.

We both are crazily in love with each other, he encourages me with my dreams and career and that is what gets me more attracted to him while my husband is bent on making me a house wife because of his insecurities.

I feel guilty most times when both families are together and especially when i talk to his wife. i feel terrible cos she has no idea how deep i had gotten with her husband. so deep that we are always together, it has been 3 years and we practically talk everyday, we have never missed talking/chatting a day.

Even while he is at work. i started off a brand and he has been the back bone, the brand is yielding money and the credit for that goes to him so this is not even about sex, because we do that almost every week ( that is how much chemistry we have).

He is very responsible that i know. sometimes i like to think God just wanted us to meet. i dont intend stoping or leaving him but recently after hanging out with his wife, i just started considering taking a step backwards cos she trusts him with her life.

She said i know my husband cant cheat on me, he is not even good at it cos ill catch him. and that made me feel bad and i wished we didn't do much and we are just friends as everyone thinks.. Iv never loved a man this way before. i am just confused.. i just cant focus. should i let him go?


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