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How Do I Seduce A Petty Husband?

Dear joro good day, I just read the post about the lady her husband told to wait for 11 months before having sEx, my husband is that petty and way things are going that man is about to starve me too. Before we got married my husband can lash for Africa, even on the day of exams this man was busying f.ck.ng me anyhow, but after honey moon everything changed.

Joro nation its been 3years now and I always beg for s.x even when he his horny he will be forming macho man, now he complains I like s.x to much that it should be done once a month and he has low libido, I have been forcing myself on him but I'm tired,) want to feel wanted, joronation please tell me what to do, I have so many sexually fantasies but this man is killing my vibe.

I have tried bumshort, sexy lingerie, even walking around the house naked yet nothing, the day I tried seductive dance this man pushed me er I almost landed on the floor, the day I sent him nude hmmm he scolded me er and said its prostitute that do such. He watches porn secretly but anytime I tell him to watch with me he will act like all this holier than Jesus people. I said I was going to lock up but I can't, its been 2week and he's not shaking body.

OK this morning I said let me do naughty maybe he will response since he has been horny all through the weekend, I tied up his hand and started teasing him the next thing I heard was Jesus! I want to kill him, why will I tie his hand as if I want to give him injection that his veins are popping out of his skin. Smh I just got angry left him and started watching p0rn, the next thing he carried face too and we both left the house like that and I know he loves to punish me with silent treatment but that one is he's business. Please what do I do to make this guy crazy about me like before.

PS I'm size 12 used to be 10 before having his baby, I take good care of myself, what could be the problem? He doesn't agree to do foreplay, he doesn't allow me give him head and since we got married he stopped giving me head. Please I need crazy ideas. Oh I have tried kayamata it didn't work and he doesn't even last in bed

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