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I am scum. But Cast the first stone if u are holier

Morning joro, it's not a problem really I just need someone to talk to or share their view, if u don't post I'll understand ... keep me anonymous. So I have this guy I have been dating he literally washes my feet.

He can spend his last kobo on me like last last. He can go broke just to make me have fun. And I love him too a lot. I have spent a lot on guys so money is not my issue. So I met this other guy at nysc camp and I just wanted to play hanky panky with him, I told him I was single so we started dating but I started getting to like him den as if he noticed he started doing like Bomb is on his head.

Always busy and all. I liked him because of the attention he was giving me and now that I can't see that anymore I don't want the relationship again. I haven't talked to him about it I always pretend like I am fine and supportive.

I actually wish I am the talking type. Meanwhile my main boyfriend is still so loving and so I just want to break up with this other guy and continue with my boyfriend. I would have really loved this guy but there is no longer the vibe I first felt.

Guys do not understand that most times the attention alone is all we need. I am a rich girl and this other guy is not that buoyant either so don't even start with the money matter. The last time I tried to he got all upset and weak and claiming he loves me blah blah me I don't believe so because I can't feel the spark nor the love.

I don't want to be looking for what is not lost. How do I break up with him in a good way and I won't look bad.


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