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I cheated on my husband... I've been married for 3 years

Hello people ,I have been contemplating for a while now, my issue is big and small at thesame time,' am a married woman,' have been married for 3years now but I did something really wrong and I have no excuse what so ever for that behavior.

At about a year along my marriage,' cheated at about that time my marriage was really shaking, issues upon issues,husband cheated but sincerely he changed,' repeat I have no excuse for cheating because I shouldn't have and I have never done that before but I was foolish and childish.

The issue now is since that time I did it ,I haven't done that again and never will and I asked for forgiveness from God,and everything as been good,' told my cousin about it back then when I did she told me since I already prayed and changed truly.

Should just let it slide,that things like this should be taken to the grave and not everything should be said if truly you have changed, truth be told if I tell him what I did 2years ago, you know men he would definitely end the marriage and I don't want that,' am not a bad person and I love my husband so much,God


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