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I think I am A Lez- Lady cries out

Am i a lesbian ?
Good morning joro, Thanks for this platform, anormous please, I wish my post meet you well, cos I need help, I know a lot of people may jurge me but whatever, am 22, since I was a kid I have always liked girl.

I didn't know why but I always wanted to be friends with them but sadly there felt because I was beautiful I was going to look down on them that's what one of them said, well since I started having sex I have never cum but I enjoy it.

I only cum when I mastubate while watching porn, the lesbians porn 'big boob's big ass' tried other porn it doesn't work except lesbien, so I thought it was normal until I went to pool yesterday and I saw a lady changing into her bikini, fuck!

She was so beautiful and attractive and I felt like grabbing her so bad, put her boob's in my mouth and eat it so bad, am sure she noticed, I snapped, then ran to the toilet and started praying, please I don't understand has anyone felt this way before what does this mean am scared.


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