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I'm ashamed.. the whole room was smelling

Good morning Joro, i didn't sleep all through the night. hope ur enjoying ur holiday? I'm really ashamed. I don't Know what to do. You know when you think ure about to fart and it's not a fart but the main comes out. This time it was liquid .

That's what happened to me last night. I went to my boyfriends place. I had chicken soup with this restaurant. It roamed my tommy somehow. The whole room was smelling. My boyfriend had to throw the sheets away. It was awkward.

I took a shower and left. He hasn't called me till now. It's a new relationship. We're 3 months dating. 1.Can he ever see me as sexy again? 2.Does he still love me? 3.

`What's the silence for ? I didn't mean to. 4. What can I do to redeem myself?


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