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I'm Bleeping My Ex Boyfriend's Friend

Good day uncle joro, more shoes and sales . So to my issue, I had sex with my ex boyfriend friend, like they are not close friends yeah but they do hangout with the same group so that makes them friends right? Whatever.

What happened was I had an issue with my ex who was my boyfriend then , he went through my phone and saw some old messages between me and a guy I had a thing with way before I even started dating him , so he assumed I'm probably still sleeping with the guy which is not true cause I don't roll that way , I won't sleep with someone else while I'm in a relationship , never.

So he got angry and hit me a couple of time and then said it was over between us . Since I didn't do anything to deserve that kind of treatment from him I agreed to the break up . Mind you that's not our first break up , we have been together for 3years but we always go on and off due to his cheating ass , he's always cheating on me so I'd break up with him and take him back again after few months .

No it's not because he spends for me that's why I keep taking him back, no he doesn't. For the 3years we were together he only gave me 5k once and that's all . It's not like I don't ask o, I'd ask and he'd give me some sort of excuse and end up not giving me.

This nigga couldn't even give me 50k when I wanted to start my business l000l. Back to the story , so This time around I felt I need to break free cause I know even after hitting me and all that I'd still take his ass back so I decided to sleep with his friend hoping his friend will tell him so he won't come back to me again and save me the stress of taking him back again.

But what I didn't expect was for his friend sex game to be good I mean this guy can fuck , he matches my energy in bed and all that . We have had sex twice and I won't even lie and say I feel guilty cause God help me if I have the chance to do it again I won't even hesitate. My problem now is my ex is back and he wants us to continue our relationship and all , not like I want to date his friend or anything like that .

Oh did I mention that his friend doesn't know I was dating him until few days after the first time we had sex that he asked me if I'm in a relationship did it occur to me that nigga didn't even know I was dating his friend , so I told him I just got out of a relationship with his friend, you need to see the shock on his face itailui .

Long story short What do I do ?? Please you and the joro nations should advice me o. Cause I know if I take my ex back , all these will come back to bite me in the ass


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