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My fiancé is good in bed but not romantic

Hi Joro I'm engaged to my husband to be and we are already staying together but I'm scared of spending forever with him cos i already told my creator that I'm never going to cheat on my husband.

But Joro,the thing is I'm not enjoying the sex life. I'm sure you know there's a difference between making love and having sex. I need the closeness and passion,i want to be romanced and be at the verge of cumming before sliding in me.

He's sure a good fc.ker but i need the romance. All my fiancé would do is just a minute kiss,press and suck breast small and dig me without making me wet first. It's just like a punishment to me sometimes,we end up sleeping like that whenever i told him to play with me and eat me,he will say but i did that the last time.
But I'm always sucking him everytime we want to make love and I don't complain. Sometimes he makes me think of how my ex handle me on bed.Please i need advice as to whether to leave or continue with him.


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