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My girlfriend raped me... I'm not a l_sbian..

My girlfriend raped me
Dear Joro,plz keep me anonymous.Thank u.i am responding 2 ur post of some few days again,a gal asking if she is lesbian,she desiring anoda female.this is my story,my galfriend raped me.i am not much of keeping friends,but i grew likeness n admiration 4 my townsgal.

She was smart,very attractive,n hardworking,had virtue i very much admired.so i grew close to her,with time i spent more time with her.it got to a point she had to stay with me cos of some projects we had together.
She started sleeping over at my place,i saw no harm in that.then i started noticing some unusual comments of how she likes my body n ass.she moved to sleeping on the same bed with me (still i saw no harm).it got to a stage one night i woke up 2 someone massage n touching my boobs n tits,i screamed she put her hand over my mouth begging me, that she will explain,she gave long stories of how guys ditched her n most times they are greed after their satisfaction once they come they push her off.

I told her am not into girls,she begged me more promising me i wont regret.however,i still kept her close cos i loved her so much like a sis.after all begging fell on deaf ears she employed anoda means of getting me drunk.she took me to d best restaurant,went shoping,bought drinks n mixed them all.unknown to me,i drank,that was it.when i was deep asleep she started on me, she kissed me all over, whispering sweet words, she did crazy stuffs to my b00bs and i lost control and just gave into her.

She made me like okro soup, then she put her punani on mine and rocked me till i came. I never wanted it, i am not into girls, but she did a perfect job on me. I tried to send her away but she refused and everytime we are together we cant just stop. I started havin strong feelings for her.

Whenever we alone,we just go at it.it was the forbidden sex n beta than a man.i am not lesbian,i never want to be,so after the project i decided to cut myself off from her,lost her contact after some years i reconnected with her again cos she claimed she is born again.

Now its a big challenge cos all those years i stayed away from her,i use female porn to drown my urge n desires n fantasies about her body.lately, i have reconnected 2 her and i cant keep my hands off her..bros n sis i had to run for my dear life again i have never looked anoda female n desired it but my fantasy is about my best friend.yes she raped me n wanted to turn me into a lesbian but my heart refused.

Now how do i stop my mind from images n the pleasure n d desire i have moved out of the country n married,still i am fighting this thing she did to me,even as married lady if she comes i know i will fall helpless.plz joro advise all those thinking of it,its not a worthy lifestyle,sticking to God's original version of man n woman is still the best.i really need ideas of how to STOP my mind going back to that day she raped me.honestly i enjoyed n detested it. Plz post not everyone is bold to tell their stories plz no insults 000.nor b my fault.Thank you. 


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