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My life changing experience: Remorseful Side-Chick Shares her stork "I almost died"

Hello, Dear Joro, I've been keeping something in my mind for about a week now and I finally decided to share. Please don't judge me, I've already judged myself. I recently went to spend the weekend with one of my married boyfriends in Abuja.

Unknown to us his wife tracked us down through his driver and she came and bursted us at the guesthouse we lodged. Hmmmm I've never been so scared for my life like that. She said she had a gun and she will kill me and him both.

I literally flew into the wardrobe when the wife was screaming and banging the door. I had only panties on and I knew that it won't be palatable if the wife caught me like that. I was just shaking and sweating inside the cupboard and praying and asking for forgiveness .

That was how I starated having anxiety/panic attack in the wardrobe because I'm claustrophobic. And I also had a case of asthma so I was just praying that I shouldn't have an attack. I didn't have my inhaler closeby . It was somewhere inside my P bag.

I started crying and struggling in the wardrobe and I couldn't come out. I almost died . I knew that it's one thing that will kill me that day ,either the wife or I just stay in the wardrobe and accept my punishment. I haven't had an asthma attack in months And I started feeling like it was about to come . I started to think that what if I died? What will I say I was doing ?

I was with someone's husband? Or what will they tell my family. I could hear my boyfriend and his wife arguing in the parlor and then it finally went silent. I thought I had died. But thank God for a second chance. My boyfriend came back after about 2 hours which seemed like 6 months inside that wardrobe and opened the wardrobe.

I didn't even want to hear anything I just asked where is your wife ? He said she had gone home. At the moment I became born again. 1 just wore my clothes, packed my bags and found my square root. And I never looked back. It's been days and I haven't spoken to any married man. I am still traumatized. She was foaming anger. If you are like me. Please stop. Anything can happen.


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